Sunday, December 2, 2012

The God of Things

This is the story of the chosen people. Because God loved these people over all others, God gave them the ability to have the freedom to acquire as many personal possessions all to themselves as they wanted. He showed them the magic of owning a new fast car, that everyone must have their own house, and how acquiring more new things could cure all of their problems. Most importantly, he showed them how men and women fall in love when women wear expensive clothing and starve themselves, and men pretend to have no emotions and only watch football. True love blossomed with the help of alcohol all over the land.

God also protected them by giving them atomic bombs and other sophisticated weapons with which they could kill anyone who threatened their great gift. There was only one condition to this gift given to these chosen people. The better they were at working, deceiving other people, playing the system, bribing and knowing the right people, the more personal possessions and power they would be allowed. Next, God gave them the gift to own guns, which he protected above all else. And finally, God gave them the ability to eat whatever they wanted, promising that if they should get sick, he would heal them with pills and technology.

The people were blissfully ignorant of the suffering and pillaging necessary to amass their beautiful personal possessions, and so they were blessed by this benevolent god. They drove their new cars, gotten from their pillaging and playing, to the churches to thank their beloved God and stay in his favor, so that ignorance would stay with them and their family forever. They agreed to stare at their screens for extended periods to help distract them from the consequences of the divine game they were playing, and to live in fear of being discovered to have desires that were outside of this divine ordainment given by God.

God promised them that he would protect this freedom of theirs at all costs by fighting glorified wars in foreign countries, and that this was the way of the world. He promised that they would be the happiest people of all, unless they were poor or different, or course, in which case they could be left out and forgotten.

Those people that desired connection, creativity, community and contentment, and who resisted watching the screens, were ostracized. They were out of their minds, and could not be accepted. How could they not want the beautiful things God had given them?

Over time, many people became very sad. They retreated into their screens, their large cars, their large houses, and their boring jobs. They were told that these feelings of sadness were unfounded, for they had all they needed. They were told something was wrong with them. Everyone else tried to ignore these sad ones.

Some of these sad people discovered there were more people like them. Some of the people began to look for what they were missing. Young people, especially, began to travel and learn about the other, non-chosen people around the world. They started to see the forbidden; that the outside people were no different from themselves. In fact, they noticed something very peculiar about them... they seemed more content.

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